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Project Description

Hi, my name is Mark Bojovic. I was born and raised in the United States but my family is from Montenegro.My faith in Jesus began and grew exponentially during my college years.

After graduating university and getting married, God called my wife I to be missionaries to Southern Africa for 10 years. We learned how to care for orphans, start youth groups, lead a discipleship school of ministry, and plant churches.

Now, God has called us and our two children to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Montenegro, my heritage.

It’s called Capital Church!

We are a Christ-Centered, Bible based, international Christian church.

We are all about Worshipping God, magnifying the Name of Jesus, and being filled and lead by Holy Spirit.

We love to see people know Christ more, grow in their faith, and be transformed through discipleship.

We love to see people grow relationally with one another, loving, forgiving, and helping one another.

We value strong marriages and families and desire them grow closer to God and to one another in true intimacy.

It’s our joy to see people grow functionally in this world though skills training, communication improvement, and leadership development based on Biblical principles.

We cherish shared experiences together, such as family fun days, sporting events, and work projects.

Growing together as a family of believers over coffee dates, meals, Bible studies, and worship experiences is a part of our culture.

This church is God’s church, and we live, and move, and breathe in His church, for His glory, for His fame, not ours.

We are Capital Church, and we invite you to join us. You are welcome here.

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